How To Write A Commercial For TV

Need to know how to write a commercial for TV? The skills to write a commercial for TV are within your reach. TV commercials can be informative, entertaining, funny, sad, silly, or any combination of these. Recognizing what makes a product or cause different or unique will make it easier to write TV commercials.

To write a commercial for TV, you will need:

  • A product or cause to promote
  • Paper and pencil or a computer and printer
  1. Examine your product. Learn as much as possible about your product so you can write a commercial that informs and educates, if necessary.
  2. Get an angle on the product. Decide what angle or idea you will use to sell the product in the TV commercial that is different from how other, similar products are marketed. Know the audience and how to reach them.
  3. Grab the audience's attention. Use surprise or new information or another tactic to be different and grab the TV watcher's attention.
  4. Come up with a slogan. Writing a catchy slogan is the cornerstone of writing a TV commercial. If something is repeated several times during the TV commercial and is memorable, viewers will remember it and start saying it themselves. There are many examples of memorable phrases that have caught on and are used to convey all sorts of messages while still being closely associated with a specific product or company.
  5. Write relevant copy. Make sure the information used in the commercial is relevant to the product and the message you want to get across. Being creative and original to say the same thing in a new way is key to writing a TV commercial.
  6. Use good images and descriptions. Make sure the actors and props tell the story correctly and offer good delivery.
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