How To Write A Complaint Letter To A Hotel

When expectations are not met, it sometimes becomes necessary to know how to write a letter of complaint to a hotel. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the guest has certain expectations that should be met. Never shy away from writing a complaint letter to a hotel because your complaint may improve the stay for future guests and even for yourself if you choose to stay at the establishment again.

  1. Locate the appropriate address. If the hotel is a chain or corporate business, they will often have a website giving the appropriate address for customer service or complaints. The hotel itself should offer the corporate address to you upon request. For smaller hotels, inquire through the hotel for the owner's contact information. If you are unsuccessful in this endeavor, you may need to search public records for the establishment's business permit. It may be necessary to write a letter of complaint to a hotel to more than one address.
  2. Write your letter in a business format. Most word processing programs have available templates for this action. A letter of complaint to a hotel should be in block form. This makes it easier for the reader to follow.
  3. State the exact nature of your complaint in your letter without personal emotion. If you were refused towels, state that exactly with the date and time of the incident. Do not use vague statements such as "the staff was rude". When you write a letter of complaint to a hotel, it is important to give as many details, including names of those involved and the specific location of the incident.
  4. Include all your contact information in the letter. When you write a complaint letter to a hotel, the owner or manager may wish to return correspondence.
  5. Personally sign your typewritten letter in ink. This assures that the reader does not get the feeling of reading a standard form letter.
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