How To Write A Concert Review

Before you decide how to write a concert review, there are several things to take into consideration, including the style of music, audience appeal and age range and the versatility of the artist or artists. Keep all of these in mind when you write your concert review.

  1. Keep your review in context with the style, or genre, of music performed at the concert. Was the concert classical, country, rap, Broadway show tunes or pop? Certain styles cross over easier than others. For example, many opera singers will include songs from Broadway musicals. Country singers sing pop songs and vice versa. However, many opera singers would not include a rap song as part of their concert because the style of singing is so different from their vocal training.
  2. Pay attention to the age range of the audience that the artist wants to reach. For example, is the artist focusing on appealing to high school students, adults in their 20s and 30s or senior citizens? Some artists are more universal in their audience appeal, whereas others have quite a following that is more specific.
  3. Note the versatility of the artists giving the concert. For example, do they play more than one instrument during the concert? Do they sing in more than one language? Do they perform more than one style of music? Note this information for your review.
  4. Try to include the story behind the story. In other words, is there something unique about this particular concert, such as someone's first concert after a five-year absence from the stage? Is there a story behind why a particular song was performed? Was the song written for the artist, or did the artist write it for someone?
  5. Keep your review limited to a few songs that got your attention. It isn't necessary to review every song that was performed during a two-hour concert. Take notes during the concert, but use those notes to give your readers a sense of the range of style and quality of the performance.
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