How To Write A Country Drinking Song

Need to know how to write a country drinking song? Writing songs can be an extremely difficult task, even to the most successful musicians. Don't give up if you get stuck. Here, we're going to give you some basic guidelines to follow when writing a country drinking song. We're going to continually remind you what your goal is before you get too far ahead of yourself to make sure that you achieve what you want. So, here's how to write a country drinking song.

  1. Think of a good hook. Since you already have a good idea on what your song is going to be out, now all you have to do is look for a good hook. This could be a joke, a catchy slogan, remembered stories, anything you can think of. However, feel free to modify your hook in any way you want. You may modify it to make it sound better to fit music or you may modify it so it all-around sounds better.
  2. Once you have come up with a hook, come up with the tune. Many people think that this should come after writing up the lyrics. This may suite some people, but it's generally easier to come up with the tune before the lyrics. The reason for this is that it’s already easy to come up with lyrics, but it’s even easier to come up with lyrics revolving around a tune. Since you're writing a country drinking song, try to come up with a tune that sounds like country music. However, it doesn't necessarily have to sound exactly like country because it’s also a drinking song.
  3. The lyrics. Once you have come up with the tune, write the lyrics. Keep in mind that you're writing a drinking song. Make sure that the lyrics would make sense in the context of drinking. Don't forget to write the lyrics to match up with the tune of your song. Lyrics are often written as a poem, where some words rhyme in certain lines. This could make it a little bit more difficult for you to write the lyrics however. The lyrics also have to match up with your hook a bit. For example, the hook should be a part of the chorus. Once you have written all the lyrics, try playing to it while singing the lyrics. If it doesn't sound good or it doesn't match up quite right, make some changes to your lyrics. Once it's all fine and dandy, move on.
  4. Find some people to play around with it. If you're in a band, this could really help with making your country drinking song sound perfect. Show your bandmates the song and ask them to try and play it. Chances are that they'll want to make a few changes to the tune and the lyrics. Be open to their suggestions. We realize that it would be your country drinking song that you have written. It may sound good to you, but it might not playable to your bandmates. After you and your bandmates have played around with the song, play it a couple of times to make sure that it sounds good. If it does, you're good to go.
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