How To Write A Cover Letter For An Instructional Assistant Job

Working in the field of education is a dream of yours and you've finally found the perfect job opening—now proceed on the path to that dream job by learning how to write a cover letter for an instructional assistant job. Writing a cover letter that expresses your interest and highlights your skills can help you get your resume read, an interview, and ultimately the position you seek.

  1. Gather Information. You will need the contact information for the position, including the name of the hiring person and business address of the company. Do your research to learn more about the position and company so that you can target your cover letter to their needs. Closely read the position's description and consider how you are a great fit for it before you begin to write your cover letter for an instructional assistant job.
  2. Use Standard Cover Letter Format. Show your professionalism by using standard cover letter format. Create a heading for your cover letter that includes the date and the company's business address. Address your letter to the person in charge of hiring by name whenever possible. Follow with an introduction, body and conclusion. End with your salutation, signature and contact information.
  3. Add Specific Details. The body of your cover letter is where you can really shine as you describe your skills and how they fit the instructional assistant job requirements. If there is a job opening description available for the particular position you are applying for, focus on how you can meet those specific needs and address them specifically in your cover letter. If there is not a detailed description for the specific opening, use your research the general duties of an instructional assistant. Some relevant skills that you could discuss in terms of the position as you write your cover letter for an instructional assistant job are: Knowledge of the education field and/or subject knowledge that will be taught; Customer service and leadership experience, including those where you provided instruction or training; Positive interactions and results with students and other educators.
  4. Refer to specific achievements and how they demonstrate what you can achieve if you get the instructional assistant job in order to make the strongest impact on your prospective employer. Write a cover letter for an instructional assistant job that lets the reader glimpse the qualities you possess that are key to success in the specific position.  Your resume and interview will give them a more complete picture, but put your cover letter to work for you and get you to those next steps by effectively highlighting your most relevant skills and achievements.
  5. Encourage Further Contact.  Remember that the purpose of a cover letter is to get your resume read and ultimately secure you a job interview.  Keep your cover letter to a page, focus on your most relevant skills, and plan on discussing your suitability to the position further if given the opportunity.  Let your cover letter recipient know that you would like to continue the conversation and leave the lines of communication open.  

As you write a cover letter for an instructional assistant job, remember that details count and use standard cover letter format, add specific details that demonstrate how you can shine as an instructional assistant, and be prepared to back it up with your resume and in your interview. You know you can do this, now you just need to write a cover letter for an instructional assistant job in order to let your prospective employer know it too! 



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