How To Write Ex Girlfriend A Letter Telling Her It’s Over

Figuring out how to write an ex-girlfriend a letter telling her it's over is one of the toughest things you'll have to write. If you haven't talked about the break-up in person first, consider hand-delivering the letter rather than emailing it or dropping it off on her door step. If you've already broke up and just want to explain your decision, a brief email or quick note should be enough to make your point and tell her it's over. 

  1. Don't resort to name-calling or finger-pointing. Even if you're angry or hurt, when you write your ex-girlfriend a letter telling her it's over, avoid calling her names, blaming her for the end of the relationship, or making hurtful remarks that you might regret later.
  2. Tell her why you're ending the relationship. When you write an ex-girlfriend a letter telling her it's over, focus on why you no longer want to be together. Don't nitpick, but do give her specific examples of the circumstances that led you to this point. Talk about your personality differences, difficulty communicating or differences in priorities, or any other major deal-breaker that you feel she should know about.
  3. Don't lead her on. If you're not interested in getting back together, when you decide to write your ex-girlfriend a letter telling her it's over, make sure your language conveys your sense of finality. Skip mushy paragraphs about your love and how much you'll miss her company. While you may feel these things, let her know that at this early point may not make her realize that the relationship is truly over.
  4. Let her know where she stands. If you want to cut off all contact, let your ex girlfriend know in the letter. Likewise, if you want to remain friends, tell her this. Just don’t leave her guessing as to where she stands with you. 



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