How To Write A Film Synopsis

In order to get a screenplay into the hands of someone important, you need to know how to write a film synopsis. A good film synopsis briefly summarizes the plot of your screenplay and serves as introduction to agents and producers. If an agent or producer likes what he reads in a film synopsis, he may ask you to send along the entire script.

  1. Identify the film. Type the name of the film along with its genre and the type of audience the film is intended for at the top of the film synopsis. Also include your name, the names of any co-writers and contact information. Be as specific as possible when describing the genre and audience, but don't be too wordy. For instance, animated or comedy will suffice for the genre, while  family, women over 30 or teenagers will suffice for the audience.
  2. Write the log line. The log line is a sentence, preferably of less than 25 words. It should summarize the entire film concisely and is your chance to really grab the reader's attention.
  3. Summary of the film, act by act. Write a summary of each act of the film. Try to keep each act to a paragraph long summary. Include major plot points in each paragraph and introduce all the film's major characters. Use uppercase letters to type out character's names. Each paragraph of the summary should build upon the previous. You are essentially rewriting the story of your film. Make sure you include the film's climax and ending in the film synopsis. Don't worry about spoiling it for the producer.
  4. Wait for a response. After submitting the film synopsis, wait to hear back from the agent or producer. If she wants to read your script, she will ask for it.
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