How To Write Graduation Announcements

Writing a graduation announcement allows a soon-to-be graduate to let friends and family know about his upcoming graduation, but many potential graduates may not know how to write a graduation announcement. Fortunately, graduation announcements tend to have a standard format and standard information which is common to them. If you're wondering how to write a graduation announcement, you need only follow this format and then add your own personal information.

Supplies needed:

  • Graduation quotes and sentiments
  • Writing tablet
  1. Look up cool quotes to include in announcement. Many people opt for inspiring quotes about graduation when writing their graduation announcements. You want to think about this when you're thinking about how you want to write your graduation announcement.
  2. Write out the information you want to write on your announcement on your writing tablet. This provides you with a rough draft of the information you want to include when you write the final version of your graduation announcement. You want to take this with you when you go to order your announcements so that you have all the info in once place.
  3. Construct your congratulation wishes for your announcement when you're working on the how-to's of writing your graduation announcements. You may want to ask your parents to be in on this part since many announcements feature language like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith proudly announce the graduation of their son.” As you think about how you want to write your graduation announcements, don’t worry about sounding stuffy. People who know you won’t be fooled by what you write on your graduation announcement. And who knows? In 20 years, you may actually want it to seem like you became a grown up the night you graduated, so keep the tone “graduation-like” when you write your announcement.
  4. Let people know what level of education you’ve achieved. If it’s a high school graduation, write that on your announcement. Otherwise plan on including what degree you’ve earned when writing your graduation announcement. You aren’t—however—required to explain what you plan on doing with your degree on your announcement. That part of how you write your graduation announcement can be left to the graduation party.
  5. Don’t forget to write out the time and place for both the graduation, but also the after party when you write your graduation announcement. Let your friends and family know where they can come to relax after all the stress is over. 


  • Many graduation announcements include a graduation photo. Be sure to have yours taken in plenty of time to include in your announcement. This isn't part of knowing how to write a graduation announcement, but it's an important part of the announcement nonetheless.


  • Don't wait until a week or so before graduation to mail out announcement, because by then, it won't matter if you know how to write a graduation announcement or not. Not only does this short time period not allow people you care about enough time to plan, but during this time of the year, mail could be delayed. Many people are sending out graduation announcements and gifts.
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