How To Write Up A Job Warning Notice

In this article, you will learn how to write a job warning notice. Business owners and managers alike have duties and responsibilities they do not enjoy, writing up an employee is one of them. There are many reasons to issue a job warning notice to an employee, some reasons are absenteeism, insubordination, and unsatisfactory job performance. Usually one or two verbal warnings are issued to the employee first. If they don't heed the verbal warning, you must take the next step. There are guidelines to follow to insure that the manager or business owner are not at risk of being sued.

Whether you work in a very informal office, filled with family members and friends, or a military base, documentation regarding employees warnings is necessary. Once you begin the documentation process, you have crossed over into serious territory, you must handle the situation properly to avoid problems. Employees typically know when they are being scrutinized, and generally they know why. Your responsibility is to keep clear, concise records about the employee that can be used should suspension or termination be necessary…

A job warning notice should be accurate, and include all of the relevant information.  Consider the following tips on how to write up a job warning notice when preparing one.

  1. Gather all the pertinent information and documents before you start writing the job warning notice.
  2. General employee information. The heading of the notice should include the employee profile information: name, employee number, social etc.
  3. The crux of the warning notice The job warning notice should include the date of the offence and the details of the offence.
  4. Employee rebuttal There should be space for the employee to comment.
  5. Employee signature The employee will most likely refuse to sign the warning; you cannot force the employee to sign.
  6. Witness You will need the signature of a witness who was present when the warning was issued.

A copy of the written warning should be given to the employee, and one placed in his employee file.  You must let the employee know that the written warning will be placed in the file.  Employees are permitted to view their file, however, they are not permitted to remove any documents from the file, or the file itself.

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