How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation For Promotion

Ambition, job advancement and economics are among the reasons for knowing how to write a letter of recommendation for promotion. If you seek a new challenge, desire increased responsibility, or find it necessary to increase your worth, the time to write yourself upward has come. To know what to write into your letter for a promotion is recommended.

To write a letter of promotion, you will need:

  • Computer
  • Word program
  • Printer
  1. Plan to write a letter of the right length. As effective efficiency looks good when conducting business, a single page will impressively convey the message.
  2. Make a simple outline. Jot down a few notes to act as a guide that will keep your writing focused and on tract. The notes should include how you are prepared for the promotion, why are you the best candidate to be promoted, and what benefits to the business will be derived by promoting you.
  3. Format the letter that will serve as a recommendation for promotion. Among a variety of letter formats, choose the business block style.
  4. Head the letter. Write a formal heading to the letter that displays a business-like and sincere approach towards your self-recommendation for promotion. This letter’s heading will include your name and contact information, date, the full name of your supervisor, manager or human resources’ director, and the address of the business. Directly below the heading, regard the letter as a promotion consideration. Then, as customary with most letter formats, begin the actual body of the letter with the word, “Dear,” immediately followed by the superior’s name. 
  5. Progressively write. Use your notes as a reference. As you write, consider the points that will be highlighted. Keep your writing simple, concise and enlightening—as you have one page to influence your recommendation for promotion upon.
  6. How to write the opening. In the letter’s first paragraph, briefly write about your current job and work performance. Then, express of your growth and development that you have experienced within scope of the job. Finally, conclude the first paragraph with your interest in a promotion. Such writing will establish your preparation for the promotion.
  7. Write the proposal for promotion. The second paragraph of the letter will delve with how to write your recommendation for a promotion. Narrow the focus to only you—avoiding any negative reference towards co-workers that could or may be in line for a promotion. Directly state why you would be the best employee for the opportunity. For writing this sensitive, though crucial, area of letter content, draw upon your knowledge of the business, dedication to the business’ objectives, and how the business fulfills your work or career goals.
  8. Display the benefit in a promotion. The adage, “Show, don’t tell,” is most beneficial to this letter’s third—and final—paragraph. Demonstrate, through writing, the benefits that the business would gain through your promotion. Cite how you will be enabled to advantage the business at a greater capacity once your promotion takes place.
  9. Conclude with appreciation. Bring your letter of recommendation for promotion to a close with a display of professional courtesy. Write of that you thank the recipient of the letter, in advance, for his or her time and consideration. To leave this letter at a status of what can be referred to as “open-ended,” in favoring you, write to the extent that you look forward to the potential of a meeting or reply.
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