How To Write Letters Of Retirement From Teaching

Learning how to write letters of retirement from teaching is easy. Retirement letters offer the opportunity to thank the Principal for the enriching experiences you’ve had along with providing a graceful exit. Here are a few steps to making your letter of retirement memorable.

  1. Address letter appropriately. Make sure you address the letter to your principal with the proper spelling along with the current date. This serves as proof of your resignation. Dear along with the actual name and date should suffice.
  2. State the purpose of the letter.  Explain that you will be resigning and mention the effective resignation date.
  3. Offer a polite reason for the letter. Briefly explain what the reason for the exit, but be diplomatic. The general reason of seeking advancement or additional learning opportunities will work. Also if the reasons are more personal due to health concerns, it is okay to mention that also.
  4. Be Gracious. Thank the principal for the opportunity to serve the students. Even if you did not get along with your principal now is not the time to air out those differences. The key is to make a graceful exit because that is how you will be remembered.
  5. Close with your signature. Make sure you sign your letter and address the closing with a polite sincerely or best regards.

Retirement from teaching is a decision that is thoughtfully considered. Your letter should reflect the same. Crafting the right words creates a positive legacy and graceful exit.



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