How To Write A Memo

Knowing how to write a memo is a good skill for moving up at your job. Anyone who wants to move beyond worker bee status needs to know about business correspondence. The format and sections are easy to learn with practice. Continue reading to find out how to write a memo.

To write a memo, you will need:

  • Computer with word processing software
  • Paper and pen
  • Recipient name and job title
  1. Create a document. Open the word processing program on your computer to begin the how to write a memo task. An alternative for non-computer users is to use paper and pen.
  2. Outline the section. Start the memo writing process by inserting the heading section. Begin three lines from the top and enter the following words with each grouping on a new line. ‘To:’, ‘From:’, ‘Date:’, and ‘Subject’.
  3. Fill in heading. The next step in how to write a memo is to enter the correct information after the colon of each line. Remember to include job titles for the To and From lines.
  4. Write the general idea. Begin the overview section by starting three lines after the Subject line. This section is a few sentences long that describe what the correspondence is about. In this part of how to write a memo, give some simple background information in a line or two.
  5. Build the body. Compose the main content as the most important part of how to write a memo. This section should be clear and concise without any extra fluff. If it has more than one paragraph, then separate each with a blank line in between.
  6. Prep for closing. The closing should instruct the reader of the memo which steps to do next. Include how to contact the writer of the memorandum about questions and thank the person for reading the correspondence. End with an applicable greeting (Best Regards) and adding the writer’s name after is optional.
  7. Add enclosures. The last direction of how to write a memo is to notify the recipient that attachments are with the memo. Memorandums using physical paper or email program should list the papers within. Example: Attachment: Board Meeting Notes, Monthly Budget
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