How To Write A Movie Proposal

If you want to write movies, you need to learn how to write a movie proposal. It's true that if you are breaking in, you will probably have to finish your entire script first, but it never hurts to know how to write a movie proposal. It will help you become a more talented, efficient, and successful screenwriter all together. To get started:

  1. Develop a log line: A log line is your movie's general idea condensed into two or three sentences. Using "The Wolfman" (2010) as an example: Lawrence Talbot returns home to Blackmoor, England, to investigate his brother's grisly death. Once home, he is attacked by the werewolf responsible, and becomes one himself, using his new animal instincts to even the score.
  2. Flesh out characters: Notice in the log line that Lawrence Talbot is the main character. Continuing on the right path for how to write a movie proposal, flesh out your cast. What drives Lawrence? What conflicts will he face with other characters? What will motivate them? It's always good to start with your lead role. After all, your story will be about him. All the other characters will help tell that story.
  3. Determine your major plot points: These usually come around the 25-minute mark, the 50-minute mark, and the 75-minute mark. Each plot point shakes things up and turns the action in another direction. You can't learn how to write a movie proposal if you don't know the backbone scenes of your film.
  4. Hash out scene trajectory: Once you know your characters and your plot points have been determined, it becomes easier to learn how to write a movie proposal. Simply connect your plot points with the necessary information. That's where the rest of your scenes will come in to play.
  5. Write a treatment: You know what your story is about. You know your characters. You know the major events. Now sit down and write it out as a short story. Don't succumb to huge walls of text. Tell the story in clear, simple sentences. It's not difficult learning how to write a movie proposal, so don't make your language difficult.

Selling your screenplay is another story. But half the journey to getting there is learning how to write a movie proposal. Once you can do this, then all it takes is practice, persistence, and perseverance, and you will be well on your way.

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