How To Write Personal Statement

If you are considering online dating, you will need to learn how to write a personal statement.  Personal statements are the first thing that your potential dates will see and without a good one, you might get passed up.   Online dating can be difficult, but your personal statement gives you an opportunity to “sell” yourself to women. 

Women want to know very specific things about you and can be very judgmental.  Your personal statement needs to be flawless and really make your personality and achievements shine.  Always have someone read over your personal statement in order to edit it before it is on the Internet.  Spelling and grammar errors will make you seem less intelligent and unattractive, so make sure your personal statement is free from errors. 

Online dating can be a really great place to meet new women, especially if you have had trouble meeting women in the past.  It opens up a whole new world where you can get to know someone before actually having to go on a date with them. The best part is that there have been so many success stories with people finding mates through online dating sites.

  1. Make a list of your positive attributes.  Highlight those and make sure you mention them.
  2. Do not sound whiny.  Don’t start off by saying you always get your heart broken or have always had bad luck.  This makes you sound like a big baby.  If you do sound like that, you probably are a big baby. 
  3. Express what you are looking for in a relationship.  Be honest about it.  If you aren’t looking for marriage, be upfront about that. 
  4. Don’t go on and on about how great you are.  If you mention who you know, how much money you have, you are going to sound like a narcissist.  It’s okay to list your positive strengths (and you should), but don’t make it sound like you are more in love with yourself than any woman you would date.  This is a huge turn-off.
  5. Describe what you would like in a woman.  Don’t be too specific about looks because you might sound shallow and unrealistic.  Your profile could also get passed by if you say things like “I love brunettes”.  What if a beautiful blond or redhead was interested in you?   She might not want to talk to you anymore.
  6. Don’t be too specific about features.  This is really annoying.  Don’t have small range height requirements, hair color, breast size, body type, etc. It’s unrealistic to expect a runway model with brains, especially if you aren’t that great looking yourself.
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