How To Write, Pitch, And Sell A Movie Idea

So you have decided that you want to learn how to write, pitch, and sell a movie idea.  Writing, pitching, and selling a movie idea can be quit the challenge. There is no easy formula to complete any of the task.  But you can improve your changes of selling your movie idea.

  1. Fortunate for you, writing a movie is more about the artful. Grammar is not a very important component of writing and pitching a screenplay. But you will need to learn how to format your screenplay before you can pitch and sell your movie idea. There is no standard formatting guide for screenplay writers. Simply pick up any guide on screenplay formatting and you should on your way to pitching and selling a movie idea. Editors and potential buyers will adjust the format according to what they like. Typically, they will make the adjustments for you or instruct you on how to do so. Just make sure to follow a default format as a good starting point.
  2. Every good screenplay should have a beginning, middle and end. Before you begin to write your movie, decide on a plot and create your characters. Once you have created a plot and characters you can begin to map out your story line. A screenplay should be between 90-120 pages. The beginning, middle, and end, should be roughly 30 pages a piece. If you follow this formally you will be able to write, pitch and sale your movie idea in no time.
  3. When you have completed writing your movie you can begin to try to pitch and sell your movie.  You will need to find a literary agent if you want to pitch and sell your movie or send out your script to producers on your own. You can search the Internet for a list of producers and buyers who are accepting submissions and movie pitches. The movie pitch doesn't typically occur into you actually have a meeting with a buyer. Your movie pitch will be an oral presentation. Keep your movie pitch clear and concise. Focus on the main plot and audience for your story. The presentation should be no more than ten minutes. If you follow these tips you should have no problem writing, pitching, and selling you movie.
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