How To Write Retirement Card To Boss

It can be an exciting time in your business when your employer announces a retirement, so it is important to know how to write a retirement card to your boss. Send them off happy about the next chapter of their life by writing a heart-felt retirement card.

  1. Write an appropriate greeting. Your relationship with your boss can have an impact on the greeting you choose to use. Use a formal greeting on the retirement card to your boss, such as "Dear Mr. Doe" if you have a formal relationship or "Dear John" if you have an informal relationship.
  2. Express enthusiasm for your boss’s retirement. Write a short introduction in the retirement card explaining how excited you are for the next aspect of their life. Do not sound enthusiastic that you no longer will be working as their employee.
  3. Relate a personal experience. If you have had a personal experience with your boss, give a short description in the retirement card. You may want to talk about a big project you worked on together that turned out well or talk about a time when they allowed you to take time off to deal with a family emergency.
  4. Add in a retirement quote or saying. Search the Internet for a quote that is appropriate for the relationship you have with your boss. Some may be funny while others offer a more serious tone.
  5. Close with well wishes. Let them know you enjoyed working with them in the retirement card. Wish them well in their retirement and express your appreciation in being able to work for them.
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