How To Write Retirement Card To Dad

Retirement is a big deal for the retiree and learning how to write a retirement card to your dad is a great way to show him that you think it is a big deal as well. Make your card the best retirement card your dad gets.

  1. Choose an informal or formal style. Look at the type of relationship you have with your dad before you decide to write a formal card or a card injected with some humor. If you have a serious father, he may not appreciate the same humor you do.
  2. Relate a memory of you at your father’s job. Give a paragraph in the retirement card to your dad detailing your favorite memory of his job. You may have enjoyed sitting in his office after school or working part time with him in the summers.
  3. Talk about how grateful you are for his career. Express appreciation and gratitude for the many years your dad worked when you write his retirement card. Thank him for working hard for so many years to give you and your family the things they wanted and needed.
  4. Express hopes and wishes. Devote a paragraph in the retirement card to your dad to express your hopes for the kind of retirement you wish he would have. Talk about spending more time with him or convey your excitement about the time he will now have to spend working on his hobbies and passions.
  5. Close depending on the formal or informal style you chose. Include a retirement quote or saying in your closing paragraph. Formal retirement cards should include a serious quote while a humorous quote would work better when used with an informal style.
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