How To Write Retirement Card To Mom

Need to know how to write a retirement card to your mom? For many, retirement is a much-celebrated, long-anticipated activity that represents a celebration of years of hard work, accomplishment and sacrifice. The day that your mom reaches retirement age will likely be one of mixed emotions for her, but you can help celebrate her future by learning how to write a retirement card for your mom. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to write a perfect retirement card that's sure to warm her heart.

  1. Be creative. Sure, store-bought cards are nice, and some of those classic commercial cards are more like sentimental works of art than simply greeting cards. That being said, your mom will appreciate a retirement card that comes from the heart much more than a chipper decoration that plays a Beach Boys hit when opened. If you're not the artistic type, you can create a retirement card online and customize it with photos, making a keepsake she'll proudly display. If you do have a little bit of creative genius, all you need to make a really special retirement card is card stock, acrylic pencils and a bit of ribbon.
  2. Offer congratulations. Even though many have mixed feelings on the subject of retirement, the first thing you should put in a retirement card is a note of congratulations to the retiree. Remind your mom of all the wonderful things she'll be able to enjoy more often now that she's retired, whether it's time with the grandkids, going on vacation, pursuing a hobby or doing absolutely nothing for a while.
  3. Talk about the future. One of the things many people feel upon retirement is fear of becoming isolated and losing touch with friends, family and the outside world. In your retirement card, suggest going to dinner or to a movie the next week. Another nice gesture is to call some of her friends and co-workers and plan a post-retirement Sunday brunch. Remind your mom that she's an important part of the world, especially to you.
  4. Show your appreciation. The whole point of taking the time to write a retirement card to your mom is to let her know how much she means to you. Even if you're not usually the mushy type, thank her for everything she's done for you. Much of her hard work throughout the years, both inside the home and outside, has been done in order to build a happy life for her family. Her retirement card is a good time to tell her that you know this, and are grateful for everything she's done.

A parent reaching retirement age is a huge milestone for the entire family, and taking the time to write a retirement card to your mom helps you celebrate her milestone in the same way she was always there to celebrate yours. A meaningful retirement card doesn't need to be expensive, elaborate or even terribly time consuming. The simple fact that you took the time to write a retirement card to your mom shows her how much she is loved, and just how bright her future looks.

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