How To Write Retirement Card To Parents

Most people are excited when their parents decide to move on from their careers and it is important to share that enthusiasm by learning how to write a retirement card to your parents. Keep your parents excited about their retirement with a thoughtful card.

  1. Start with an informal greeting and congratulations. Begin the retirement card to your parents with a “Dear Mom and Dad” or “To my parents.” Express your congratulations for their retirement. Explain how happy you are that they are beginning a new chapter in their life.
  2. Express gratitude for their careers. Write a short paragraph in the retirement card stating how grateful you are that your parents worked hard for so many years to take care of you and your siblings. Convey that you understand the sacrifices they made to give you the things you needed and wanted and how you hope that in retirement they can take more time for themselves.
  3. Give a memory of their job. When writing a retirement card to your parents, describe a memory that you have of their time at their job. Perhaps you remember a jar of candy your dad always had on his desk for when you came in or that your mom would always give you pens and paper to write on while she worked.
  4. Find a retirement quote. Search the internet for a quote for the retirement card that best fits your parents and the relationship you have with them. Look for two quotes, one for each parent, if you cannot find anything that would fit the both of them.
  5. Close the retirement card with best wishes. Tell your parents in their retirement card how proud you are of them and your hopes that their retirement will be an exciting and fulfilling time in their lives.



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