How To Write A Retirement Speech For Your Boss

If you need to know how to write a retirement speech for your boss, how should you write it? The best advice for writing a retirement speech for your boss is listed below.

  1. Learn about your boss. You may think you know a lot about your boss. He's your boss, right? But do your homework. Do some research into the company and what your boss has done with the company.
  2. Learn why your boss is retiring. Sit down with your boss and take notes on why he's retiring, what the highlights of his job have been, and what he will be doing now.
  3. Make an outline. Organize the speech into specific talking points. Open with an introduction, write specific topics that you think his speech should cover about his resignation, and then have a conclusion.
  4. Write the speech. Based on the information you have gathered, write a natural-sounding, heartfelt speech about the reasons your boss is leaving and all that he has gained by working with the company. Also include what he plans on doing now that he is retired. End the speech with a thank you to fellow co-workers and employees.
  5. Type it up. Do not offer this speech to your boss until it has been edited for grammatical errors and typed up.
  6. Create note cards with talking points. Your boss will want to read the whole speech, but will probably want small notecards with talking points for when he actually stands up and gives the speech. Most professional speeches are partially memorized, with notes to remind the speaker of topics to hit. Have this done for him so he has less work to do.
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