How To Write A Romantic Action Vampire Movie

Learning how to write a romantic action vampire movie is a simple process. Luckily, most Hollywood genre films follow a template. Learn the template and, with a little ingenuity, a career in screenwriting awaits.

  1. Create memorable characters. A romantic action vampire movie should be simple. Create a handful of memorable characters that will attract your audience. Populate your film with dynamic, expressive, bizarre people. Writing a character history is a good place to start. Remember that the most enduring action and vampire subjects are James Bond and Dracula. A truly unforgettable character will do most of the work for you.Tip: If you’ve named your character Count somethingsuchAcula or Jim Fond, you’re off on the wrong foot.
  2. Understand your characters’ motivation. People do things for specific reasons. The same is true of characters in films. Know why your characters behave the way they do, and what they’re after. Creating a clear desire within each character makes plotting easier, and is more attractive for the audience. Tip: Complex motivations are more interesting. Your vampire should want to drink so-and-so’s blood not simply because he’s a vampire, but because he has a deeper attraction for a sadistic need to destroy his victim.
  3. Come up with a hook. All great romance, action, and vampire films come with a great hook. The hook draws the audience into the story. “Diehard” is a great place to look for evidence of this: A cop trapped in a building with terrorists and hostages. It’s simple, interesting, and different. With this idea, “Diehard” birthed dozens of copycats, from “Speed” (“Diehard” on a bus) to “Passenger 57” (“Diehard” on a plane). Try to find a new way of looking at conventional story ideas. Tip: Put a vampire into a traditional action film situation to mix things up. Or, put a twist on the vampire film, like: “Vampire Cyborgs from Galaxia” or “Grandma Got Runover by a Bisexual Vampire from the Baltic States”.
  4. Craft a great beginning and ending. Start your romantic action vampire screenplay out with a bang. An action sequence or scene of vampiric decadence will set the right tone. The downfall of countless films is a lousy ending. A great ending is a rare thing. Think of a twist or unexpected turn of events to keep the audience interested and surprised. Tip: Though many first time filmmakers believe this to be true, killing all of your characters is neither shocking nor original. Unless you’re writing a romantic action vampire comedy.
  5. Structure the plot. Follow the traditional three-act set up. Act One: Exposition. Introduce us to your characters, themes, and ideas. Act Two: Development. Teach us more about your characters and ideas, while moving the plot forward. Act Three: Conclusion. Incite act three with urgency. All great third acts begin with an event. In “Titanic”, the ship hits the iceberg, and thus begins the third act. Ensure everything happens for a reason, in sequence. Tip: Do not have your star-crossed vampire lovers crash their dinghy into an iceberg.
  6. Create dire stakes. Give the audience a reason to care. If you don’t, they won’t. Develop a meaningful romance that the audience can empathize with. Surround the central couple or love triangle with a gripping story and action sequences. Be sure the audience knows what’s at stake. Make it something they will relate to. Tip: While this sounds simple, you have to find something fantastical that ordinary people can relate to. A vampire agonizing over getting his taxes done while in the midst of a nasty break-up is probably not the best place to start.
  7. Don’t: Write something we’ve seen before. A romantic vampire action movie contains all of the right elements, but has been done many times. Before you sit down to write, be positive that what you have to say it something new, or different.
  8. Finally: Know the tone you’re looking for. A romantic action vampire movie can be anything from a dark comedy to a Victorian romance. Vampire films can be tragic character explorations or gory exploitation pieces. Make a firm decision as to what you want to write before you start.

Now you’re ready to sink your teeth into writing a romantic action vampire film.



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