How To Write Seconds On A Digital Stopwatch

Do you want to know how to write seconds on a digital stopwatch? It is assumed that what you wish to do is interpret the time shown on the display of a digital stopwatch into seconds and write the seconds on a record sheet of some type. Most digital displays display their time in the same manner but some go further than others. Some take the time display down to the 10,000th of a second. For this article, times will be taken down to the 100th of a second, but the same principles work for the other displays also.

Items needed to write the seconds shown on a digital stopwatch:

  • Digital Stopwatch
  • Record sheet
  • Pencil
  1. Inspect the display on the digital stopwatch.  Look closely at the face of the watch the time should be shown in HH:MM:SS:SS. This is to be read left to right as (HH) Hours, (MM)Minutes, (SS) Seconds, (SS) hundreds of seconds
  2. Transcribe and write the time on the digital stopwatch.  Reading from left to right, write down the time shown on the display. Here is an example of how to write it. Shown on digital display 01:15:37:21. The time written would be: One hour, fifteen minutes, 37 seconds, and 21 hundredths of a second.
  3. Calculate seconds.  You will have to calculate the elapsed time into seconds using 60 seconds to a minute and 3600 seconds to an hour. Therefore, one hours would be 3600 seconds. Fifteen minutes would be 900 seconds. Added together it is: 3600 + 900 + 37 + .21 = 4537.21 seconds.
  4. Record the seconds.  Write the seconds displayed on the digital stopwatch down on the record sheet.

That is how you would write down the seconds from the display of a digital stopwatch.

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