How To Write A Treatment To Pitch A Comedic TV Show

Having a great idea for a comedy TV show will not get you an audience with a TV producer, but knowing how to write a treatment to pitch a comedic TV show may. Take your comedic TV show idea and form it into a top notch treatment, ready to be pitched to producers. Here’s how to write a treatment for a comedic TV show:

1. Start the treatment with the title of the show. Have a catchy title that is relevant to the show.  It can be a play on words or any other interesting twist to catch the viewers and producers attention.

2. Create a log line. This is one to three sentences that hook the reader to the premise of the show.  For example, the first sentences can introduce the main character. The second sentence can illustrate his relationships or situation. The last sentences should leave the reader wanting more.

3. In the body of the treatment for the comedic TV show sum up the concept of the series. Write a narrative summation of the comedy series you want to pitch. Describe the atmosphere of the show and introduce other important characters. Be specific but don’t be afraid to leave out details that are not critical. It is okay to include small amounts of dialogue but only if it is necessary. Emphasize the visual action. The treatment should grab the reader’s attention and should have some universal human elements to it.

5. Pitch the first episode. This is your chance to sell them your comedic TV show idea. Practice your pitch. The pitch follows the basic pattern of the treatment. It should not be more than two minutes long. Remember you are not trying to educate, you are trying to sell something. Sell away. Describe characters so the producer can envision them. Don’t just name an actor. You can compare your show to other hit shows but not too much. Know who the audience for the show will be and be prepared to give examples.

6. Be prepared to pitch more than one show idea. Producers will usually ask if you have other ideas to pitch if they are not interested in the first one. Be prepared. Some writers have pitch up to six shows in one session. Remember to sell your next ideas with the same enthusiasm as the first.

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