How Yoga Developed Into A Popular Exercise

Are you wondering how yoga developed into a popular exercise? Yoga has quickly become one of the most used body toning and weight loss exercises, as well as stress reducing practices, within the U.S. However, many are still wondering how it got to be so. When you understand yoga for what it was, is and is planned to be, you will finally understand how yoga developed into a popular exercise.

Dating back about 5,000 years, yoga has been long used as a traditional Indian practice. The actual concept of traditional Indian yoga is that it is only one part of a spiritual path that is eight-fold, bringing great harmony within the human body and spirit, as well as the harmony in your mind.

Understanding how yoga developed into a popular exercise requires understanding its entry into the United States. Arriving through various Indian philosophers, who basically brought yoga along for the trip, the late 1800s to the early 1900s saw yoga's transition from Indian to international.

There were various influences that spawned the mass creation of yoga studios, which is a main part of how yoga developed into a popular exercise. During the ‘40s and ‘50s, westerners and Europeans began to create various yoga studios, providing a way to work out with those who had mastered the art. Getting to the main reason why yoga developed into a popular exercise, its growth in popularity boosted yoga’s appeal amongst many, beginning during the 1970s with housewives seeking a leaner figure and fitness starting to make its way into many homes.

Celebrities had a large part in how yoga developed into a popular exercise. With fans always ready to follow in the footsteps of their favorite celebrities, there started a new era of yoga popularity. This began as celebrities started marketing yoga and bragging and boasting about the awesome effects it had on their own figures. The transition from television to work out also opened doors for yoga to be endorsed by many top stars via an exercise video. As fitness is more and more highly encouraged among the United States population, there has been a large wave of those that wish to find that perfect exercise plan. This includes yoga, which for some is just much simpler and efficient than other types of exercise. This has strongly influenced how yoga developed into a popular exercise.

There are almost 16.5 million individuals today in the U.S. that practice the wonderful and efficient art of yoga, finding the exercise to be quite satisfactory. The weight loss is gradual yet drastic, and the toning is superior to many other methods. This doesn't even include the mind-clearing nature of yoga. When you are wondering how yoga developed into a popular exercise, it is necessary to look at these influences to truly get an understanding of the trend of yoga, including various styles that are taking the U.S. by storm.


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