How To You Get Moisture Out Of Car Headlight Lens

You've recently noticed moister in your headlight lens, and want to know how to get moisture out of car headlight lens. Moisture in you car headlight lens can be a distraction to your visibility when driving at night. During daylight the moisture just makes your car headlight lens look wet and cloudy. Initially the moisture in your headlight lens may not be that harmful to your car, but over time it can cause for your headlight to have to be replaced if you don't get it checked out or fixed sooner or later. It is not a difficult task to get moisture out of your car headlight lens.

To get moisture out of a car headlight lens you will need:

  • cloth towel
  • screwdriver
  • polishing compound
  • Glass treatment
  1. Remove the headlight. Pop the hood open. Locate and remove the back cover plate of the lens. You may need a screwdriver to help pry the plate open. Carefully pull the cover plate off by wiggling it from side to side as you pull if off. Disconnect the electrical wiring from the headlight. Remove any rings or clips holding the headlight in place. Once everything is removed from the car headlight lens, go ahead and pull out the headlight lens.
  2. Clean the headlight lens. Take a cloth towel and dry off all the water and wipe away any dirt from the headlight lens. Dampen your towel and apply your polishing compound to the lens. Scrub hard enough to polish up the lens, but be careful not to damage or crack the lens. Go over the lens a few times to make sure that you get every area of the car headlight lens clean.
  3. Apply glass treatment to remove left over residue.  You may notice that some parts of the lens are not getting as clean as you would like. Apply glass treatment  to the headlight lens to get remaining residue off of the headlight lens. Again you many need to apply a couple of coats and scrub with a little pressure. Dry the headlight lens completely with a cotton cloth when done cleaning. 
  4. Replace the headlight. Reconnect the electrical wiring from the headlight. Replace the clips or rings that you removed. Snap the cover plate back properly and securely into place, and then close the hood.
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