How To Zoom On 8220 BlackBerry Cell Phone

When taking pictures on your BlackBerry, it is essential that you know how to zoom on on your 8220 BlackBerry cell phone in order to take clear and quality pictures. It is not difficult to take good pictures with your 8220 Blackberry cell phone, there is only a few simple steps to follow. You can use the pictures as your wallpaper or send them to your social networking site. Whatever you choose, you will want to take a clear picture and will come across the need to use the zooming function.

  1. Press the right convenience key on the side of your BlackBerry. Or you can click the camera icon on the expanded home screen to gain access to your Blackberry cell phone's camera. You are now in camera mode.
  2. To zoom in, slide your finger up on your track ball. If you need to zoom out, slide your finger down on your track ball. To take a picture, just click the track ball. It really just requires these simple movements to take a picture using your BlackBerry cell phone.
  3. You may need to insert a memory card if you want to save the pictures you take with your 8220 BlackBerry cell phone. New pictures are automatically saved to the memory card if it is inserted.
  4. To learn about other camera features or if you need further assistance, press the menu key and then click help when you are in camera mode. There is really not much involved when you need to zoom on your 8220 BlackBerry cell phone.
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