Hugh Grant Was Arrested For Having Lewd Conduct

Casual fans might not know that Hugh Grant was arrested for having lewd contact with a prostitute. This article will detail the circumstances surrounding Hugh Grant's arrest for lewd conduct. At the time Hugh Grant had a steady girlfriend, despite being arrested for messing with a prostitute.

Specifically, he was arrested for getting oral sex from a prostitute, which of course is illegal. Hugh Grant's lewd behavior was with a prostitute named Divine Brown. The incident went down in Los Angeles near Sunset Boulevard. Hugh Grant eventually pleaded no contest when he went to court, but he was already guilty in the court of public opinion.

Because of his celebrity status, Hugh Grant received a lot of flack and bad publicity from this incident. But before things got too bad, Hugh Grant went on any talk show he was invited to and publicly apologized for what he did. He didn't blame anyone either, which would have sort of been the easy way out. He owned what he did, and admitted that his actions were clearly wrong. The public felt very forgiving because of Hugh Grant's being so open, humble and  honest.

Hugh Grant fans and others Hollywood watchers seemed to accept and forgive Hugh Grant, probably because he apologized so publicly. Hugh Grant was able to gain the public's forgiveness a lot faster than other famous people at that time who had also been involved in scandals. Those actors placed blame on other things in life that caused them to do the wrong thing like loneliness and such.

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