Hugh Jackman Diet For ‘Wolverine’

Although special effects in movies are better than ever, nothing can replace the real thing, and looking at Hugh Jackman's diet for "Wolverine" proves this. With muscles and defined abs as well as the athleticism to pull it all off, it may seem like Jackman perhaps just got lucky in the gene pool. However, Jackman followed a strict diet and workout regiment for his hit movie, and it can indeed be replicated.

  1. Divide your workout into three parts. These results are not going to come easily, and spacing out your various workout techniques will be the easiest way to shape up. Jackman followed a three phase plan, broken down below.
  2. Phase one. To start Jackman focused on building mass, with exercises like push ups or barbell curls. To really build mass, one needs to change the speed of the lifts. A way to do this is to do a very slow four second count up, followed by a normal four second count down.
  3. Phase two. In phase two Jackman worked on building strength. This is accomplished by standard weight lifting, accompanied by exercises such as squats and lunges.
  4. Pace yourself. Phase one and two should last between six and twelve weeks. Jackman worked out five days a week, for at least two hours a day.
  5. Phase three. This part of exercise Jackman started before "Wolverine" began filming. During this phase Jackman lifted weights one day a week and did activities like yoga, pilates, and running the other four days.
  6. Eat right. Eating the right amount and quality of foods is essential to support your body during this radical exercise program. Hugh Jackman's diet for "Wolverine" meant he ate six meals a day. This was to support his faster metabolism and constant exercise. He ate mostly vegetables and proteins, which help restore muscle and provide for long term energy. It is important to remember that while too many carbohydrates can impede exercise, they are essential to providing short term energy and energy to the brain, so do not cut them out entirely. Jackman ate 1,000 calories more than normal to make up for the extra exercise.

Be sure to calculate your exercise plan and diet based on your body's specific needs. While Hugh Jackman's diet can be modified, be sure to pay attention to your own body and what it is telling you. Remember that this plan was set up over a period of two to three months. It is not a way to live long-term. Working out, however, is always a good routine to get into. Just be sure to keep up a good diet to support your body.


Wolverine Diet and workout

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