Hugh Jackman Workout For ‘Wolverine’

The Hugh Jackman workout for "Wolverine" turned him into a burly and chiseled X-Men superhero.  He plays the character well, but must maintain a superhero-like body in order to complete the mutant star's image. Though Jackman is usually fit and stays in shape, his physique is naturally not as sculpted as the body he boasts in 'X-Men Origins.' In order to sport such an impressive body, Jackman trained according to a strict schedule and committed to a healthy, nutritious and protein-filled diet. Anyone can achieve this body by following the Hugh Jackman workout for "Wolverine".

  1. Know that training may take a year or more. Hugh Jackman followed a strict workout routine for a full year before achieving the physique he wanted for 'Wolverine.' Commit to five days each week for 90 minutes each day.
  2. Shed excess fat. In addition to strength training, Jackman did plenty of intense cardio exercise including a high intensity bootcamp workout on Fridays. Substitute bootcamp workouts for aerobics, martial arts or kickboxing.
  3. Eat lean proteins and increase metabolism. Hugh Jackman claims to have eaten six meals a day while training for "X-Men Origins". Focus on lean proteins such as tofu, chicken and fish. Complete the meals with plenty of vegetables.
  4. Complete phase one: building mass. For approximately six to twelve weeks, focus on allowing muscles to spend plenty of time under tension. During this time, the goal is not to lift large quantities of weight, but instead to keep muscles under tension for longer periods of time. Hugh Jackman worked out with a three second concentric. Use the last week of phase one as a recovery week. Only lift weights one day, and use the remaining four days to practice stretch exercises such as yoga and pilates.
  5. Complete phase two: building strength. This is the time to amp up the amount of weight being pressed and worry less about the length of time muscles are under tension. Complete a recovery week at the end of phase two the same as was completed in phase one. Like Hugh Jackman, alternate phases indefinitely until goals are met.
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