Hunting Public Land In Idaho: How To

Here are steps on hunting public land in Idaho. Idaho is somewhat of a well kept secret as far as western hunting. With choices including elk, whitetail and mule deer, antelope, moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat, Idaho is a great location for big game hunting as well as small game and waterfowl.

  1. The first step of how to hunt public land in Idaho is to find an area of public land to hunt. There is a lot of public land to hunt in Idaho including both state and federal land holdings. While Idaho is overlooked by many hunters, some areas will receive more hunters than others. Generally, land near cities and highways will receive the most hunting pressure, so seek out remote areas.
  2. The next step of how to hunt public land in Idaho is to scout the land. Not only does a hunter wanting to learn how to hunt public land in Idaho need to scout out game, but also the other hunters and the locations they might be found in during hunting season. Identify parking areas, roads, right of ways, and other areas that will likely draw competition and avoid them.
  3. The final and most important step of how to hunt public land in Idaho is to simply stay in the woods from daylight to dark. By staying on stand longer, a hunter improves his or her chances of seeing game. With many hunters coming and going in the woods, chances are a hunter staying on stand will spot game spooked by other hunters.

The above plan on how to hunt public land in Idaho will get a hunter in a good area and improve his or her chances of scoring.

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