Hunting Public Land In Kansas: How To

If you are hunting in Kansas, it is important to learn about hunting public lands in Kansas, since It isn't always possible to hunt on private lands.   Hunting public lands in Kansas can provide a wealth of opportunities to bag deer, pheasant, quail and more. 

What you'll need:

  • hunting gear
  • permits
  • a map of the area you plan to hunt in
  1. Hunt during open season only.   Be sure to hunt public land in Kansas only during open season and only in those wildlife areas designated for hunting. Always check with your area wildlife offices if you are unsure of either the season that is open, or the area where you are allowed to hunt.  These offices may also have information available for special hunts hosted in in Kansas. 
  2. Region One. When hunting public lands in Kansas it is important to know that the state is divided into specific wildlife regions.  Region one is located in the northwest part of the state and offers a good opportunity to hunt waterfowl, archery deer and fall turkey in the 27 counties it includes.
  3. Region Two.  Located in the northeast quarter of Kansas, region two envelopes twenty counties and offers opportunities to hunt deer, quail and turkey on public lands in Kansas.
  4. Region Three.  Region three contains 28 counties and is in the southwest quarter of the state and offers opportunities for hunting prairie chicken, pheasant, turkey, quail, white-tailed deer and mule deer on public land in Kansas.
  5. Region Four.  Comprised of thirteen counties in south central Kansas, region four allows hunting for quail, deer, turkey, prairie chicken and pheasant.
  6. Region Five.  Located in southeastern Kansas, region five is comprised of eighteen counties and offers opportunities to hunt public land in Kansas for quail, deer and turkey.
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