Hunting Public Land In Ohio: How To

Here is a plan on how to hunt public land in Ohio. Ohio is one of the top producing states of Boone and Crockett class whitetail deer. With big horns and a good supply of public hunt available for both resident and non-resident hunters, Ohio is a great location for public hunting. Here are the steps on how to hunt public land in Ohio.

  1. The first step of how to hunt public land in Ohio is to determine which areas you want to hunt. There are lots of public hunting areas but the largely undeveloped Wayne National Forest is good to consider. Wayne National Forest is generally divided into three units, but each unit is spotty, meaning that there are many small pockets that are hard to find and where you will see little or no hunters.
  2. Once a hunter has found an area to hunt, the next step of how to hunt public land in Ohio is to scout the area well. With a lot of trophy bucks, there are many serious hunters in Ohio for deer season. Not only must a hunter scout for trails, food, and bedding areas, but a hunter must scout out areas that other hunters are likely to visit and avoid setting up in those areas.
  3. When hunting season arrives, the hunter needs to get deep into the woods. Leave hours before daylight to reach a remote area that has been previously chosen. Other hunters coming into the public land will often push deer toward the hunter who has gone deep into the woods. Letting other hunters push deer toward you is an important step in how to hunt public land in Ohio.

This easy to follow process of how to hunt public land in Ohio will put a hunter in a good location for a successful hunt.

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