Hunting Public Land In Texas: How To

Curious about hunting public land in Texas and how to make the most of your experience? Everything is bigger in Texas! That saying definitely applies to the hunting. If you want to go hunting on public land in Texas, you need to have the following things: a permit, luck, skill and a trustworthy gun. After you have done your preparation by learning how to shoot and getting your permit, it is time to head out to the wilderness.

  1. Obtain the proper permits. For a small fee, a hunter can get a yearly permit in Texas, which provides access to hunting for deer, dove, hogs, waterfowl and other legal game. The hunting year starts on September 1st of every year, and the cost of the permit is established by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. For those who want to save money, a one-day pass is available at a discount.
  2. There is an element of luck to hunting. As most hunters know, if you never see game then you never have an opportunity to try to kill the game. The Texas climate is hospitable to a wide range of game. Hunters who patiently wait in the right areas of public land will most likely see legal game. Depending on the animal you’re hunting, you will find yourself looking for different terrain.
  3. Build up your skill. After you have gotten your permit and found the ideal spot under a tree in Texas’ public land, there is an element of skill involved. Hand-eye coordination is necessary to aim, fire and hit the intended target. Be prepared to quickly shoot again if your first shot only wounds the animal.
  4. Bring a trustworthy gun. Before heading out on your Texas hunt, you should be comfortable with your gun. The caliber of gun used will vary based on the type of game you’re hunting on a given day. If you are carrying several different guns, make sure that your ammunition is clearly labeled so that you do not accidently use the incorrect caliber of ammunition in your gun.

After killing your selected animal on public land in Texas, a responsible hunter will clean and gut his animals and pick up his trash. Hunters strive to leave behind very few permanent traces of their actions in the wilderness. Preserving public lands by cleaning up makes sure that there will be areas available for hunting for many years to come.

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