Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts

Their name may be Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts, but the fact is that these boardshorts can be worn anywhere, even if they have special additions and features that make them suitable for swimming, surfing, and other water sports. The reasonable price and ability to buy them either online or at any department store that sells men’s swimwear makes it easy for you to own as many Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts as you wish. All Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts have distinctive features. As long as you are buying the Hurley brand, you are going to get these same features on each and every pair, with maybe a few minor exceptions:

  1. 100% poly supersuede. All Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts are made of this fast-drying, very soft material. The combination of softness and ability to dry fast means that they are less likely to chafe your skin than other boardshorts.
  2. Fly closure. The fly closure on Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts is so unique that it has its own patent. The way it is made as well as the fact that it is reinforced with a special thread makes the boardshorts fit better, and helps prevent sand from getting into places where one definitely does not want to feel sand.
  3. Logo. The Hurley logo is embroidered onto each pair of Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts. The logo colors last longer, and the embroidery stitches ensure the logo will not tear or rip off of the shorts easily.
  4. Contrast inside waistband and icon. The makers of Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts were not content to make them look different on the outside; they carried the distinctiveness further by making the inside waistband a contrasting color imprinted with the Hurley icon. This makes them so cool that the wearer might just be tempted to deliberately turn the waistband down.
  5. Waist tie. The waist tie on Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts works; it’s not just there for show. This ensures the wearer of a comfortable fit.
  6. Pocket drainhole. Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts come with pockets that will securely hold items placed in them, even in very rough waves. The pockets have been fitted with a drainhole so that the shorts won’t become weighted down with water that was trapped in the pockets.
  7. Signature Puerto Rico plaid. Except for the plain black shorts and a few styles with multi-colored floral prints, all Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts have the same plaid design. They are available in different colors, however, which gives each pair of shorts a look of its very own.
  8. Metal grommets. The waist tie is securely fastened to the garment with four grommets specifically designed for Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts. This gives the tie and waistband itself extra durability.
  9. Side pocket. Some Hurley Puerto Rico Boardshorts styles have a side pocket with a hook and loop fastener closure. If you’re not sure what kind of closure that is you may know it by its more common brand name of Velcro®. And, everyone knows how well hook and loop fasteners stay together, even when they are wet.
  10. Sewn-in bungee lanyard. Some styles have a bungee lanyard sewn directly into the shorts. It has been said that with the inclusion of this feature as well as the stretchability of the shorts themselves, one could almost use the shorts as bungee cords (although that is NOT recommended).
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