Hwo To Turn On A Girl With Words

Learn to turn on a girl with words as a way to peak her interest and begin your seduction. Girls are aroused mentally more than men, who find gratification visually, so using your words to arouse her will make you a better lover.

  1. Whisper in her ear, close enough that your lips almost touch her skin. Whispers are more intimate than normal conversation, and when you speak softly into her ear, it'll send shivers down her spine and turn her on.
  2. Praise her body, but don't forget her other qualities. Many women are nervous, wondering how you feel about their bodies. Telling her that she's beautiful, that she smells good or that her skin feels soft will turn her on. If you know her well, you might mention to the girl that she's smart or kind, letting her know that you like her for more than just her gorgeous looks.
  3. Call your girl by a pet name. If you don't have an original pet name, old standbys like baby, honey or dearest can turn her on, make her feel wanted and close to you.
  4. Tell her you love her, but only if you do. Love is one thing that almost always enhances a sexual experience for a girl. Reminding her that you love her at the right moment may arouse her.
  5. Get creative with your girl. In the middle of a crowded room, whisper that you can't wait to get her out of her dress. Tell her what you want to do to in the car, while your hands are occupied with the wheel. Painting a verbal picture of what will happen at home will turn her on and help her anticipate being touched.
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