I Can Feel A Hot One Lyrics

Go beneath the words with the meaning of “I Can Feel a Hot One” lyrics. The song is preformed by Manchester Orchetra. Sometimes in songs, the words are confusing, and finding the correct lyrics can be tough. The meaning can also go right over your head. You might recognize this song from season two of “Gossip Girl” in the episode “The Dark Night”. This song is on the 2009 album “Mean Everything”, which is the last album to feature the band's former drummer Jeremiah Edmond.

The lyrics to “I Can Feel a Hot One” were written by band member Andy Hull after coming back from touring. Touring is a tough process on Hull and the lyrics of “I Can Feel a Hot One” reflect this. One of the more interesting lines of the song is “ Manna is a hell of a drug”. This line is a biblical reference. In the Bible, God fed the people that Moses led through the desert with manna, a bread like food that would be on the ground each morning. The people had to trust God each day that the Manna was there because they couldn't gather more than a days worth without it spoiling. This is one of the many imageries in the lyrics of “I Can Feel a Hot One” that make it come to life.

The lyrics of “I Can Feel a Hot One” are very powerful. Many people take the song to mean the end of a relationship. It can also be seen as a song about the passing of phases of our life. No matter what you think the lyrics mean, “I Can Feel a Hot One” is a potent song with a deep meaning.

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