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Everybody has those days where they need to find "I hate you" quotes for Facebook statuses, Twitter updates and what not. Yeah, that one person might not know you posted it for them or about them, but you'll get it off your chest. "I hate you" quotes are pretty funny and obviously help to express the emotions that you are feeling at the time without really discussing the issue in public. Keep reading this article to find the best "I hate you" quotes voted by various sources around the web.

  1. “Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.” – Richard M. Nixon. Believe it or not, this quote has much truth to it. "I hate you" quotes come a dime a dozen, but when you give you're all to something, there will be some who hate what you do. However, those that hate you for doing what you want are only destroying their own lives by spending that time hating on you.
  2. “I hate them with all the hate you can hate with. Can you hate more than that? If you can, I hate them more than that.” – Tim Hardaway. When you hate someone, or someone hates you, it takes up a lot of energy and emotion. If you are going to say "I hate you" to someone, make sure that you truly hate them and not just dislike. Emotions are too important to waste if it's not worth the damage it causes.
  3. "All men kill the thing they hate, too, unless, of course, it kills them first." – James Thurber. Hate comes in many forms, but be catious of the damage and passion it can consume in one person. The words, " Ihate you" are pretty big. Make sure you know why you are saying it. There is a very fine line between love and hate. When you hate something with so much passion, it normally means you either actually love it or love to hate it. Be sure you know which side the hate you feel is on. Never let hate consume your life.
  4. "We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them." – Charles Caleb Colton. Don't let the emotion of hate get in your way of life. Hating someone can actually cause more problems than just letting something go. If you hate a person, make sure there is a good reason. Don't just say "I hate you" and then try to take back those words. It's a powerful phrase.  Don't burn bridges that you may need or want to come across again in the future. Sometimes, it might just be best to let go and forgive. You don't have to forget, but you should forgive in some cases.
  5. "If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself.  What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us." – Hermann Hesse. This is a very wise quote that many should take to heart and really consider. Ask yourself the reason that you really hate someone, is it for a reason, jealousy or an action? Remember that saying "I hate you" can really cause emotional damage. You should always think that phrase through in your mind before you actually speak it. In any case, most of the time, people hate what they fear. What they fear, might be what they fear of becoming.
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