I Never Drinking Game Rules

The "I Never" drinking game rules are pretty simple, making it a fun and easy game to play with friends at a party. Sometimes this game is called “Never Have I Ever.” The participants need to be willing to divulge secrets about themselves in the "I Never" drinking game. You can have as many people as you want play this game, making it a great party game for small gatherings or large groups. You may even learn some interesting facts about your friends that you possibly did not want to know!

  1. Gather everyone into a circle. This is not an absolute requirement, but makes it easy to determine who’s turn it is. You can optionally choose to sit around on furniture or gather around a fire.

  2. Start the game with the first player, most likely the person throwing the party or whoever had the idea of playing "I Never." This person will start with “I Never…” (or “Never Have I Ever”) and then follow with a statement. An example could be “I Never have been arrested.”

  3. Everyone who has done the stated action must take a drink. So in the example, everyone who has been arrested will have to take a sip of their drink.

  4. If only one person drinks, they must tell the story. Many people will ask for stories anyway, and this rule can be changed around for this purpose. Adapt the game to your group's preferences.

  5. Continue the game until everyone has had a turn with the “I Never” statement, or until you tire of the game (or get too drunk to play). This game is the perfect icebreaker at a party. How long you play is entirely up to your group.

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