Ice Breakers For Adults

If you want to get to know a group quickly, try these ice breakers for adults. These activities are perfect for a group of coworkers, while others are good to get to know a large group at a party or gathering. Read on for some fun suggestions. 

  1. Two Truths and One Lie. If you want a good ice breaker for adults, go around the group and have everyone tell two truths and one lie about themselves. Make sure that the details are juicy and not immediately obvious. Pick the most unbelievable things about yourself and then throw in an equally improbable lie. You’ll start getting to know the people around you a lot faster when you learn the interesting stories behind their lives.
  2. Name Game. You may have already played this ice breaker as a child, but it’s a good game for adults as well since it’s the fastest way to learn all the names of a large group of people. Have each person introduce themselves with their name, using an adjective before it that starts with the same letter (for example, “Sassy Sandra”). Advise the group to pick an adjective that they feel describes them as a person.
  3. One-Minute Speed Introduction. This is a spin on speed dating, but for all genders. Rotate people around the room and have them pair up with a person for a minute. Each pair must get to know each other by asking questions for exactly 60 seconds, then have them move on. This is a good ice breaker for adults because it gives you one-on-one time with everyone in a group and prevents you from struggling to try to introduce yourself to everyone on your own.
  4. Desert Island Question. In this ice breaker for adults, have all the people tell the group their name and what one item would bring with them if they became stranded on a desert island. Their answers will help you get to know them better; some might answer the question practically, while others might take more creative spins on the question.
  5. Match It Up. This is a good adult ice breaker game for a group of people who may know each other a little, but want to learn more about everyone. Choose one particular question, such as “What’s your favorite movie?” or “When was your first kiss?” and have everyone but one person write down their answers. Don’t include any names but instead gather all the results and shuffle them. Have that one person attempt to match the answers to each person. Come up with a new question and have a new person attempt to guess each person’s answers. You’ll learn some interesting details about everyone very quickly with this ice breaker.
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