Ice Climbing California: 5 Best Places

Ice climbing isn't for the faint at heart, but those with a true adventurous spirit should try ice climbing California's five best places for the activity. We give you the best ice climbing locations in California.

  1. Lee Vining Canyon. This canyon is located right outside of Yosemite National Park. All the climbs in this area can easily be topped rope, so this is a good place for people who are new to ice climbing. New ice climbers should consider taking ice climbing lessons from professional ice climbing instructors here. Always having ice forming consistently is why this is one of the best ice climbing locations in California.
  2. Cold Stream Canyon. Ice climbers will get a thrill of a lifetime when they climb this steep canyon. There are many different falls for climbers to climb in this area. Ice climbers either ski to their climbing area or hike to it. Having ice falls that vary in steepness is why this is one of the best ice climbing locations in California.
  3. Lover's Leap. Lover's Leap is located just east of Lake Tahoe. This is a multi pitch climb and most people like to climb Lover's Leap in groups of three or four people. Most of the routes on this climb are three to six pitches long. This is not only one of the best ice climbing areas in California, it is one of the best ice climbing areas in the country. The magnificent view at the top of Lover's Leap is why this is one of the best ice climbing locations in California.
  4. Eagle Creek Canyon. Amazing is the only word to describe the cascading falls of ice that climbers climb on at this canyon. Sometimes, roads are closed to the area after a snow storm so climbers can have a long ski in to get to the climbing area, but the awesome ice climb is worth the long ski. Eagle Creek Canyon has climbs for all levels of ice climbers making it one best ice climbing locations in California.
  5. Mt. Whitney. Ice climbers are sure to make a lifetime memory when climbing this mountain which is the tallest mountain in the lower forty-eight states. Mt. Whitney is one of the most climbed mountains in the United States. The minimal impact of human beings on this mountain makes it one of the best places to ice climb in California.



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