Ice Road Truckers Salary

There are many factors that will determine an ice road trucker’s salary. Ice road drivers make more money than regular truck drivers. In this profession, truckers transport products over frozen lakes. Please keep in mind that this is a dangerous profession so companies pay more money to skilled drivers. There are only a few feet of ice between you and the extremely cold waters and some times the trucks sink. Be prepared to work in weather that is 70 degrees below zero if the truck brakes down. An ice road trucker’s salary is primarily determined by the company, by your skills, and by the loads.

 Companies that drivers signs up with does determine an ice roads trucker’s salary. Most company owners will pay the driver based on the size of their company. For example, a business with a large number of employees will most likely pay more money than a smaller trucking company. If a company is located in a remote area, such as Yellowknife, Canada or Alaska expect to make $40,000 within at least three to four months. If you own your own truck, you can negotiate for better driving rates, but this can be risky because the trucks do break down and repairs are expensive. Also, you have to keep in mind the expenses for fuel and food.

 Skilled and educated driver’s commands the best ice road trucker’s salary. Developing the skills and abilities to negotiate with ice road trucking companies can allow you to present contracts to several trucking companies. Contracts are what will increase a driver’s income. The more contract agreements a driver can get with companies, the more money he will make. Experienced ice road drivers are normally hired quickly and are paid more than a regular truck driver. If you have the skills, and can drive safely, the rewards and compensation can reach up to $100,000 or more with in a year.

 An ice road trucker’s salary is also determined by the loads they carry across the ice. There are many types of products, supplies, and equipment that is transported to desolated areas and even up into mountains with narrow roads. For instance, a driver may carry extremely large forklift tires that are need to help dig a mine. Some drivers transport emergency medical supplies and food. The weight of the load and how far you carry the load is also important in determining how much money you will be paid. Clearly, an ice road trucker’s salary is high and so are the risks of driving over the ice.

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