Imitrex Side Effects

If you have migraines, you probably want to know what the Imitrex side effects are before taking the medicine. Imitrex is the brand name for Sumatriptan, a medication that helps reduce the symptoms of migraines, including pain, nausea and sensitivity to light. While some of the common Imitrex side effects are nothing to worry about, a few side effects are serious. Tell your doctor about any Imitrex side effects you experience.

  1. Common side effects of Imitrex. Drowsiness, dizziness and weakness are a few common side effects of Imitrex. Other common Imitrex side effects include flushing and tingling feeling in the skin. You may also feel anxious or tired.
  2. Serious Imitrex side effects. There are a few serious side effects to Imitrex. Call your doctor right away or seek emergency help if your fingers or toes turn blue, you feel very cold, you notice a change in mood or feel faint. Other serious but rare side effects include vision problems, slurred speech and seizures.
  3. Serotonin Syndrome. Serotonin syndrome is a very rare but very serious effect of taking Imitrex. The condition becomes more likely if you are also taking other migraine medications or anti-depressants. Signs of serotonin syndrome include twitchy muscles, rapid heartbeat, hallucination, high fever, extreme dizziness and diarrhea and vomiting.
  4. Allergic reaction. Some people may have an allergic reaction to Imitrex. Signs of an allergic reaction include swelling, difficulty breathing and hives. The odds of an allergic reaction are very rare. If you experience one, contact your doctor immediately.
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