Import DVD To Itunes

When you import a DVD to iTunes, you're taking advantage of one the media player's many perks. No, iTunes cannot directly import DVD media to its library, there are several "in-between" steps to do. That being said, Apple's famous digital media platform can still handle many video formats that we can work with. So enough talking, let's import DVD disks already!

Before rushing into this, you'll need the following to import DVD related media:

  • Computer
  • DVD (to convert)
  • iTunes (latest version)
  • Modem
  • Router (optional)
  • Internet Service Provider subscription
  • Credit Card (depends on conversion software)
  1. Boot up the computer, open up an Internet browser. Start up the operating system (O.S.) and open your favorite Internet browser. Navigate to the Apple website and the "iTunes + iPod" section. It is from here we will get the iTunes platform for your computer
  2. Download iTunes. The media player known as "iTunes" can handle a great variety of video formats, to include those of .mov and .m4v. Download the platform for your respective O.S. and language, giving Apple your email address along the way.
  3. Download conversion software. There are a good number of converters out there that can import DVD media and format it into a different type. Most of these babies, however, cost a pretty penny; some are monthly and recurring while others are a straight-up buy. A simple search online will yield tons of results, but be sure to check out review aggregation websites such as Consumer Reports to get the hard facts on all the conversion software you're considering. Never hand out your Credit Card number to a non-trusted/non-secure website.
  4. Rip the DVD. Starting up your conversion software will lead you (most often) to an open window with two sides; one side will have the original files and the other will have the finalized products. Tell your converter to import DVD media from the computer's D: or E: drive (most likely) and convert it to an iTunes-readable format (.m4v or .mov).
  5. Wait. The conversion of a whole DVD takes a long time. While your software takes the time to import DVD media and convert it, feel free to get acquainted with the Apple software. Your iPod will have its own tab when plugged in, and presumably loaded with the new DVD videos.
  6. Import DVD media. Now it's time to import all of those videos you just converted! Go find the newly-converted files in the folder you predesignated as the target folder for conversion. Drag the files into your iTunes library. You're done!

After all of that hard work trying to import DVD media onto the iTunes library, hopefully that movie/video will be well worth the wait. After you import DVD media onto your iTunes, why not show your friends how to?

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