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If you're a fan of fast cars, you are probably a fan of sexy import models. The following ladies are some of the hottest import models on the scene today, showing off their amazing curves for all to see. Import models have become the new face of the car modeling community, spreading the industry to a larger, more attentive audience. If you're a sucker for hot Asian ladies, you're going to love this list of hot import models!

  1. Yumi Lee This sexy import model was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the States when she was thirteen. Her luscious legs, dark hair and amazing breasts make her an easy fan favorite. Moreover, she's one of the braniest ladies on this list, as she's currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. We'd certainly let her look at our electrical wiring, if you know what we mean.
  2. Misa Campo This curvy lass hails from the great plains of Canada. She is half Filipina, giving her exotic facial features juxtaposed with curves to make a Formula One racer blush. Her Coke bottle figure makes her one of the hottest import models of all time.
  3. Briana Lee Half-Italian, half-Chinese Briana is easily one of the sexiest import models of all time. Her olive skin and striking eyes are only complemented by her gorgeous hair and amazing DD breasts! Her portfolio is titiliating as it is diverse, meaning you cannot go far without seeing her sexy figure on the cover of any import magazine.
  4. Kimberly Ann Half-Korean, half-Caucasian, all sexy. Those are the best words we can use to descibr this amazing import model. She fully utilizies her amazing body and gorgeous face by splitting her time between modeling and go-go dancing, which honestly makes her even sexier. She's also a professional child care assistant, making her clients some of the luckiest toddlers of all time.
  5. Natasha Yi This Korean import model has one of the most diverse portfolios out of all the ladies on this list. Her movie credits include "Cradle 2 The Grave," "The Rundown" and "Rush Hour 2." Moreover, she has appeared in advertisements for Pepsi, Sony and Marriott Hotels. Add this to appearing on the covers of magazines such as "Maxim," "FHM" and "Playboy," and you've got one of the hottest and most successful import models ever.
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