Import Pst Files To Mac Mail

If you want to import PST files to Mac Mail, you cannot do so directly. PST files are used by Microsoft's popular Outlook program. Outlook and Outlook Express exist for the Macintosh operating system. Many Apple users prefer to use the internal program Mac Mail.

Things You Will Need to Convert PST Files:

  • OS IX or Later
  • Mac Mail
  • An Add-on For Mac Mail

How to Convert PST Files So Mac Mail Can Read Them:

  1. Use your favorite search engine to find the PST conversion add on for Mac Mail. Download a conversion add-on and install it.  The installation process usually involves double clicking on the file name in the download areas of your favorite browser.  The favorite browsers of a sane person  are Firefox and Google Chrom. The file is usually less than a few kilobytes. The process works similar to certain browser add-ons like the Google toolbar.
  2. Start  your PST to Mac Mail add-on. You will see a dialog box that asks you to find the .pst files. Macs do not worry about extensions as much as Windows PCs do, but the programmers know to look for the last 3 letters of a file name for files that originated from Windows computers. Things are not quite so simple for files that originated from Linux computers. Linux users do not use Outlook on principle usually. Select the file from the drop down menu, select the “open” button and then hit the “enter” key. You can also double click on the file using your mouse.
  3. Let Mac Mail load the PST file. The new file generated is in a file the default Mac OS e-mail reader can read. You do not need to convert it back. You do not need to bother with conversion files at all in an e-mail reader program. Sometimes you get the attachment rather than the e-mail itself.
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