Importance Of Eye Contact During Sex

The importance of eye contact during sex cannot be understated. After all, you're having an intimate moment with another person. Whether you are deeply in love or sowing wild oats, use the time to connect with your partner. Not only will you benefit from more than a few warm, fuzzy feelings, you will impress her, too.

Build a connection.
So it's a one night stand and you're wondering what the importance of eye contact during sex would be. You want her to remember you fondly, right? Keep your eyes open! If you're in this relationship for the long haul, build a connection with this lovely woman in your bed. Good lovers pay attention to their women. The hallmark of an excellent lover is in the details. This isn't all about you and what you are getting (even with casual encounters), so be a good lover. Open your eyes and let her in. Eye contact during sex means you are right there and giving complete attention.

Create a unique experience.
Most men keep their eyes shut and do not understand the importance of eye contact during sex. Be unique and watch her. That said, you don't want to create uncomfortable feelings by staring, but being an active observer is sure to push you above the average guy. The importance of eye contact during sex is lost unless both people participate. Encourage her to open her eyes, too. Many people are shy during sex simply because they've never practiced keeping their eyes open. Those long looks are sultry and let's face it, watching during sex is hot!

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