Improve Swimming Technique

To improve your swimming technique, you will need quite a bit of practice. Many serious, competitive swimmers find time to be in the water at least once a day. This can be an enormous time commitment for some people, but if you really want to improve your swimming technique, it will be worth it.

  1. Practice your breathing. It will be much more difficult to improve your swimming technique if you’re not breathing properly. When swimming a long distance, chop that distance into thirds based on arm strokes. During the first third, you should be taking a breath every three arm strokes. Then, take a breath every five during the middle third. By the last third, take a breath every seven arm strokes. This practice technique will help improve your breathing during swimming.
  2. Complete swimming drills to improve your arm stroke. For example, try doing your arm movements in slow motion. As you reach up for each stroke, exaggerate the motion until your shoulder and arm are at a 90 degree angle. Pay attention to where your body is in the water and how your arm muscles feel. Hold the position and then slowly bring your arm around for the full stroke. Practice this type of drill for each style of swimming you want to improve.
  3. Work on your leg kicks. The leg kicks are not as important as your arm strokes, but working on your form can still improve your swimming technique. Hold a board in front of you in the water so you’re not using your arms at all. Focus on your leg kicks only. Keep them just under the surface of the water. This will force you to use smaller kicks, which are a much more effective swimming technique.
  4. Get involved in competitions. Swimming competitions will force you to practice and help you improve your swimming technique. As you prepare for the event, the muscles you use to swim will get stronger. You can also join groups who are also preparing for the same competitive event. Use the group’s tips and feedback to help you improve your swimming technique and become a better swimmer.



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