India Arie Songs

India Arie songs are empowering and inspiring, with recurring stories about love, forgiveness and healing. Born India Arie Simpson, her voice is a flavorful blend of jazz, rhythm and blues, and good old soul music.

  1. “Video” One of three hit singles from her 2001 debut album “Acoustic Soul,” India Arie’s song about loving yourself unconditionally was inspiring and empowering. “Video” decried the commoditization of women and the shallow definition of beauty as promoted by ads and music videos. As she aptly puts, “I'm not the average girl from your video. My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes. No matter what I'm wearing I will always be India Arie .”
  2. “Brown Skin” This is a soulful song about loving one’s own skin. Also a hit single from her “Acoustic Soul” album, India Arie sings about a man with “Brown Skin” and its seductiveness. Sexual innuendos are also included on the lyrics.
  3. “I Am Not My Hair” Taken from her third album, “Testimony: Volume One, Life and Relationship,” the original version featured a playful piano tune and some bass tracks. It was re-released in 2009, three years after the first version, and featured rhythm and blues singer Akon. The new version carried a faster tempo and had a more digital sound than the original, which felt organic.
  4. “Ready for Love” The third hit single from India Arie’s “Acoustic Soul” album, this song is a moving and simple song. With nothing but a guitar and a cello to back her up, India’s soulful voice captures the essence searching for love. All she wants is “A man who loves art. Respect's the spirit world. And thinks with his heart.” Simple enough.
  5. “Strength, Courage and Wisdom” Taken from “Acoustic Soul,” the song opens with a catchy drum snare followed by India Arie’s soothing voice. It diverts from “Video’s” playful tone and describes the quest for inner strength amidst tribulations. “Strength, courage, and wisdom. It's been inside of me all along.”
  6. “Can I Walk with You” Some people say that friendship is the best basis for a relationship. This single from “Voyage to India” supports the premise of “friendship and love together.”
  7. “Beautiful Surprise” Taken from her second album “Voyage to India,” this song was a bonus track. India Arie continues with her theme of love and the song speaks of finding love unexpectedly.
  8. "Little Things" “Voyage to India” is an exceptional sophomore album and India Arie’s “Little Things” is an uplifting song about finding beauty in simple things. The music video also cuts briefly to the words “strength,” “courage” and “wisdom,” tracks from her first album “Acoustic Soul.” These words seem to define India Arie and as expected, the album has a soothing and soulful aural quality.
  9. “Ghetto” Her 2009 studio album “Testimony: Volume Two, Love and Politics” features “Ghetto.” It is a song about the oneness of people and how all things are interconnected. “Now the dictionary says, that the ghetto is a place of minority, and poverty, and over population. We live on this earth together, ain't no separation.”
  10. “Therapy” This very catchy song from “Love and Politics” talks about therapy in various forms. The lyrics are descriptive with provocative overtures masked in a danceable tune.
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