Indian Actress Scandals

These Indian actress scandals all surround Indian actresses who work and play in that exotic-yet-alluring world called Bollywood! These Indian actress scandals all have to do with that age-old basis of any good scandal: sex and nudie pictures that Indian actresses aren't too proud of anymore, all of a sudden. The Indian world is also more conservative than the West, so what passes as scandal in India is likely viewed as tame stuff in the US.

  1. Preity Zinta Scandal. The Preity Zinta actress scandal sits on top of this countdown because of how many players and big fish in the Indian film industry it involved. Dating back more than five years already to the early part of 2005, this Indian actress scandal revolved around the male actor Shakti Kapoor who was caught on hidden camera trying to solicit sex from a young, little Indian up-and-coming actress in exchange for furthering her career. He also named the big-name Preity Zinta as one of a few Indian actresses who slept her way to getting big and juicy roles.
  2. Ranjitha Scandal. The Tamil actress Ranjitha had her name splashed across the Indian world's headlines back in March of 2010 for allegedly appearing in a sex video with none other than godman Swami Nithyanada. However, this Tamil actress came out of her proverbial corner with both fists flying as she emphatically denied it was her in that scandalous video, alleging it was merely a tactically placed body double in place of her! To show how furious this gal was and how she really meant business, she even threatened Google and YouTube with lawsuits over posting her racy video. Do not get this gal pissed off–or she will do what all women do when they get really, really angry: Hire a lawyer to get you in a passive aggressive way, months after the original incident!
  3. Sherlyn Chopra Scandal. Probably not really a scandal by American standards, the Indian actress scandal that involved Sherlyn Chopra was still considered risque by conservative, Indian standards. This naughty, naughty, oh-so-naughty actress had the gall to pose naked… on Twitter of all places! Going even further and celebrating her nude liberation to the max, this Indian actress also coaxed her then-salivating and -breathless fans into commenting on how she looked without her clothes on. Oh, mama!
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