Indian Sex Scandals

Indian sex scandals have been making an increasing number of headlines in recent years. Some sex scandals involve politicians, while other scandals include holy men who are caught having consensual sex or committing sex crimes. Holy men and swamis are a pillar of Indian history and culture, so many Indians are losing faith in spiritual and religious institutions. 

  1. Swami Nithyananda sex scandal. This year 2010 was the year videos surfaced which allegedly showed Swami Nithyananda, a very popular holy man, on YouTube having sex with two Indian actresses on two separate occasions. The swami, the actresses and many of Nithyananda's remaining followers claim that the videos were manipulated. Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda was arrested on charges of violating trust in religious institutions, rape and other charges. So far, no victims have come forward with rape accusations. 
  2. Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale prostitution scandal. A little more unnerving was the other sex scandal of 2010 involving Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Qale in New Delhi. The swami was arrested for running a large prostitution ring of young girls, housewives and college students. This was thirteen years after his initial arrest for operating a massage parlor that specialized in prostitution. The swami learned the ropes of the "massage" business while working for another parlor in 1988. His 1997 arrest did prompt the man to take up a solid meditation practice before becoming a swami. Apparently, this did not stop him from operating at least two lucrative illegal businesses. 
  3. ND Tiwari sex scandal. ND Tiwari was the governor of the Andhra Pradesh province of Southern India and a former federal minister. A television station aired footage of the 86-year-old governor in bed with three women in 2009. Tiwari resigned for "health reasons." A woman leaked the videos to the press after having a business dispute with the governor over mining leases. 

Many Indian holy men are asexual and Indian society largely expects them to fit the asexual image. Nithyananda's alleged acts of consensual sex became a sex scandal for this reason. However, one of Nithyananda's devotees took to the swami's defense. "He talked about transforming society. He never promised to make it an asexual society," said a follower known as Rajeshwari. This proves that people do have sex, even some holy men and politicians. Indian society is now coming to grips with the idea that hormones and genitalia are quite universal among human beings. That's no sex scandal. 

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